2017 JSTP International Prize for Research and Development in Precision Forging




  • Prof. C.-G. Kang, Pusan National University, Korea
    Bulk and Sheet Forming Process Development of Semi-Solid Materials and HSS/CFRP Hybrid Composites
  • Prof. T. Ishikawa, Chubu University, Japan
    Basic Research of Precision Forging for Net-Shape and Net-Property; Improvement of Precision in Cold Forging, Product Property Prediction in Forming
  •  授賞式は 12th International Conference on Technology of Plasticty (ICTP) (於:英国ケンブリッジ)(2017年9月17〜22日)で催される予定です.また,受賞者による特別講演も予定されています.
     さらに,受賞者と審査員を講師に迎えて第8回国際精密鍛造セミナー(8th International Seminar on Precision Forging)が2018年3月(於:名古屋)が開催される予定です.


  • Prof. A.E. Tekkaya, Technische Universitat Dortmund, Germany
    Process innovation, process characterization and international leadership
  • Prof. K. Mori, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan
    Software and hardware approaches for development of forging and other forming processes: Finite element method and new processes
  • [2011年]

  • Prof. J.-L. Chenot, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France
    Numerical and Physical Approaches for the Simulation of Forging and Other Metal Forming Process in Industry: Development of the FORGE3 Computer Code
  • Prof. T. Nakamura, Shizuoka University, Japan
    Development of Mechanism, Tests and Applications of Tribology in Cold Forging
  • [2008年]

  • Prof. T.A. Dean, The University of Birmingham, UK
    Added Value Forging Through Innovative Tooling and Processing
  • Prof. R. Kopp, Aachen University, Germany
    Research and Development of New Forming Processes and New Multi Scale Simulation Methods
  • [2005年]

  • Prof. N. Bay, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    Development of Theory and Test Methods for Friction, Lubrication and Wear in Metal Forming
  • Prof. K. Osakada, Osaka University, Japan
    Developments and Applications of Finite Element Methods for Precision Forging
  • [2002年]

  • Prof. M. Geiger, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
  • Prof. K. Kondo, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan
  • [1999年]

  • Prof. K. Lange, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Dr. H.L.D. Pugh, UK
  • [1996年]

  • Prof. H. Kudo, Yokohama National University, Japan
  • Prof. T. Altan, The Ohio State University, USA

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